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About us

The company was established in 2003 and it’s considered one of the oldest companies in the field of Importing, maintenance of modern medical equipment, Instruments and Consumable materials, also we providing availabilities of Spare part from various brands from different manufactures.


to make a difference by caring for people in need


Patient Comfortable Caregiver Inspired Customer Focused


outlining the values that guides company and its employees.

Ahead to Future

By following our mission and values, Gasm ELsayd envisions a future thatincludes the following:
 – It is one of Sudan’s most admired companies because of the pride of its employees, its loyal customers, its clinical leadership, and its financial success.
– Our employees are trusted experts empowered to serve people with compassionate care and innovative solutions.
– We are an end-user, product focused company.
–  A strong, dependable community partner .Our customers count on and appreciate our reliability, the quality of medical Equipment we provide, our dedication to relationships that benefit all and the efficiency with which we operate. 
–  Patients, customers and communities experience peace of mind knowing GasmELsayd professionals are ready to serve when needed.

We have an excellent interaction between device, computer code and User.

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